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Delicious menu with a distinctive northern theme

We believe that delicious food and great travel experiences go hand in hand; and that each part is directly related to the other. We also believe that gorgeous food made ‘with love’ tends to taste better! Each meal and snacks in between are filled with nourishing and exciting dishes that we are sure you will love. We incorporate traditional northern foods into our meals, so our guests get the pleasure of tasting wild cranberries, elk, salmon and melt in your mouth Arctic Charr.


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Our packages include all meals and snacks for the duration of your trip. Our sumptuous and healthy breakfasts include a variety of items such as (but definitely not limited to) filled crepes, scones, muffins, French toast, homemade granola, organic yoghurt, fresh fruit, and our Yurtville special: fruit smoothies blended by you on our bicycle blender! Our lunches are plentiful and filling. Generally speaking, you will have lunch while on the trail. Hand crafted meat or vegetable sandwiches made with a variety of delicious Alpine Bakery breads, samples of Yukon sausages, smoked salmon or arctic charr, fruit, vegetables, nuts and of course, something sweet to coax you back on the trail. Back at Yurtville after a great day exploring the Yukon space, appetizers will be served in the main yurt. You will have a chance to relax and enjoy the view, discuss the highlights of the day’s ride and enjoy well deserved beverages while dinner is being prepared. We emphasize organic and locally sourced food, such as wild meat and fish, and vegetables grown in the North and homemade bread. Food and the concept of dining are important to Team Boréale, and we are confident you will be completely satiated. There is nothing like a well presented and delicious meal to cap off a perfect day exploring the Yukon. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know as soon as possible. We will endeavor to meet your needs.