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Spend the day in the alpine, where the caribou roam. Join us in the exploration of some of our favourite mountain tops.

Immerse yourself in the scenic Yukon wilderness from the comforts of an easily accomplished day hike. Our carefully selected day hikes combine outdoor adventure with the ease of a local’s favourite, all seasoned with a stunning alpine experience. As only an alpine hike can provide, be prepared to be greeted by the fresh mountain air and the expansive view of our mountain ranges that we Yukoners adore.



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  • 3-4 hours in length. Hotel pick-up.
  • 10:30am departure from Whitehorse

What's Included:

  • Local guide, transportation from hotel to trail head & locally-inspired lunch

What to Bring: Required gear: comfortable hiking shoes/boots, layered clothing (weather changes quickly in the Alpine), optional: hat and gloves.